Align Chiropractic Healthcare Centre

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Welcome to Align Chiropractic Healthcare Centre. At Align, our focus is on maximizing the health and wellness of our patients. Our comprehensive and customized therapy allows patients to achieve their optimum quality of life.
Align Chiropractic Healthcare Centre was established in 2014 to improve the health of the Hong Kong people. As poor posture, movement and structure leads to pain and dysfunction , our clinicians assist in elimination of pain symptoms and functional restoration of the human body.
Our Mission: At Align Chiropractic Healthcare Centre we are committed to improving the health and wellness of Hong Kong families and individuals in a natural manner so that they can achieve their optimal quality of life.

Our office is located in Central, Hong Kong. Our team consists of Dr. Benjamin Bluestein, Dr. Tracy Ho and Dr. Jessica Lee. We are experienced Doctors of Chiropractic that have been trained and practiced in Canada, prior to relocating to Hong Kong