How She Breathed Life to My Tantric Massage Outcall Fantasy

“You have such smooth skin,” she whispered in my ear. As I blurted out an awkward thank you, our eyes met. Even without uttering a single word, I could see the unrelenting lust in her eyes and it echoed through my whole body. She placed one hand on my thigh where it lingered for a while. I allowed my hand under her robe and drifted to the side to feel the sides of her glorious breasts. She was a young lass whom I had wrongly misjudged earlier as lacking the necessary experience to get me excited. Now hear she was causing gentle gasps and moans to escape me.

There were no boundaries when two people rendezvoused between the four enclosed walls we had found ourselves in. If anything, my groans and sighs motivated her to explore me further. In similar fashion, she offered me unfettered access to any corner of her being that I wanted to explore. Her proportional body made my thoughts run wild as I thought of all the possible ways my happy-ending massage would end. My gentle caress was causing her nipples to swell between my wandering fingers.

I fumbled a bit but finally managed to unfasten her robe that fell to her feet revealing only a pair of see-through undies underneath. She playfully slapped my hand away but not before I could feel a wave of heat in the contraption between her legs. I felt a warm sensation when she poured the scented oil on my chest and torso. Her hands were small but smooth and strong. She stroked me in a manner that suggested she wanted to feel how my body responded to her every touch.

My face was turning red as her tongue played and savored the sweetness around my chest and ear lobes. She was now all too familiar with how my body responded to her every touch. Throwing a well-toned leg over me, her bubbly bottom that felt like jelly was now resting on the pitched tent between my legs. I felt like I could expire with ecstasy. She was now heaving and jumping gently over me as she stroked the hairs on my chest.

Her full breasts seductively brushing on my face as the movement of her hips became more pleasurable and intense. I could feel the pulsation between her thighs when she pulled closer to me. It was moist, warm, and had a sweet aroma. We both grunted and shuddered in one last thrust of a blissful connection.