A Delightful Happy-Ending Massage You Will Enjoy

Frank was a workaholic and his long hours brought worry upon himself. He was accustomed to carrying the stress in his body and his muscles were often a ball of tension. After another long day at work, he went to the gym, showered, and made a trip to the massage parlor as he did not know where to to get an outcall massage. Sitting in the waiting room, his thoughts were abruptly cut short when a casual voice seductively called out his name. He looked up and his gaze met a curvy yet well-proportioned masseuse. It was obvious under her tight clothing that she kept herself in good shape. She had almond-shaped eyes, black wavy hair, and her skin was the color of warm caramel.

“I’m Amy. I’ll be giving the massage today.” She said. Her voice was enough to arouse him. Hand in hand they walked into room 4. Her skin felt even better than it looked. She asked him to disrobe and lay down on the table face down. She excused herself shortly after probably to give him some privacy. With his head cradled by the massage table, he closed his eyes in a meditative state. Amy’s soft steps coming back in made his heart beat faster. He could smell her scent as she walked in but he couldn’t be sure if it was roses or strawberries. It was mild but still captivating.

She dimmed the lights to a mellow glow and rubbed some oil into her hands. He could feel her warmth as she brushed her hands on his shoulders and neck. He couldn’t help but imagine her big ass only a few inches from his head which sent a stimulating feeling to his loins. It contradicted the calming feeling he felt on his back and shoulders but he was enjoying it nevertheless. As she kneaded his body, her hands were her eyes. She traced his muscular frame from his lower back all the way to his calves.

After half an hour of a stimulating back rub, it was time to work on his chest and ams. When he scooted over, they both noticed at the same time that he was fully erect. The sheet lifted comically like a tent and he felt a bit embarrassed. Amy, without a word, stepped to the corner and slipped off her bra and panties. He gasped and took a deep breath when he felt the weight of her body on top of him. She rode him deeply her knees caressing the side of his ribs. Looking at the clock and noticing their time was almost up, she now rode him powerfully. As the pleasure grew, she tightened herself around him convulsing in the intense euphoria.