Our Erotic Sensual Massage

Welcome to our sensual massage parlor in the heart of Hong Kong. Where our hands get your body to sing melodious tunes of lust. We knead and treat on the tautest skin, releasing the tensions of demons within. Our sultry masseuse will take your body and bathe it in oils as your mind is relieved of its toils. Before he walked through the doors, he could smell the captivating scents from a distance and it was clear he was in for a treat.The masseuse was a sight to behold with her fiery finesse touching the deepest creeks of his soul. He could feel his body reconnect as she moved swiftly from one part of his physique to the next.

She had a sense of humor he found endearing as well. “If your life would flash before your eyes in montage, I guarantee you’d remember my massage, ” she said with a joyous laugh. He thought about it. Ascending into his fateful ending as he reminisced on the happy ending that he was yet to have. His thoughts were hanging unwoven. Drifting away to the brush of her breasts on his back. They felt so firm and big. Her body was all over him and her hands on every contour of his being. With a touch so tender on his skin, the excitement within was rising rather rapidly. Tempted thoroughly with her swaying hips and full lips on his body.

He was languishing in her lust but he had no other care in the world at that moment. She was a bit fast in the way she rubbed herself on him. He liked it, though, It wasn’t anything barbaric. A tormenting yet unending fire was being lit within burning every desire his young mind had ever conceived. In a quick motion, she took his hands and placed them on her sensual hips urging him with her eyes to explore all he could. He felt her and fondled her breasts without a hint of hesitation. Her silky smooth hands expertly sunk just below his torso. He was submerged into a sensation so sublime for a moment he didn’t know where he was and how he got there. Midway through, he was seeing stars and groaning ever so loudly.

Just before they could step out back into the real world, she dried him up, finished him off and they momentarily lay still until he felt strong enough to get up and put on his attire. He smiled, unable to pretend that he didn’t enjoy that happy end.