Hong Kong’s Ultimate Body-to-Body Massage

body-to-body massage
body-to-body massage

Body-to body-massage is not very different from the regular full body massage. At the end, you get the same results. The only difference is that one is gives you a better experience than the other. In body-to-body massage, both you and the masseuse are naked and he or she massages you using her/ his entire body. In full body massage, however, the masseuse massages you using his or her hands and only the part he or she is massaging is without clothes.

The way the masseuse goes about the massage is also different as the body-to-body massage is done using tender and more sensual touches compared to the ordinary full body massage. We all recognize that sex is an ultimate way to relax your mind, a sensational relaxation massage won’t end up in sex but close to it. A majority people find this form of massage as the best most pleasing massage there is. The body–to-body massage is a combination of relaxation and eroticism.

How the body–to–body is done

It is often done mainly with the hands; however, one can also use any other body part as a massage tool on the client. Body-to-body massages have to be first done through lubrication of the body using preheated oil. Then the oil is applied to the client’s body using a hand to cover all the spots and the masseuse also lubricates their body to allow sliding on the other client’s body. The message is then done through sliding the hands all over the body or using the one body to slide and massage the client. Here a combination of body-to body massage and tantra is applied to deliver the perfect sensational therapy for relaxation.

Why you should consider having a B2B massage? It is fun. Imagine spending time with a hot masseuse who is experienced in the art of massage and talks to you as she makes all your tension go away. It brings a new meaning to tension relief and you get to have fun while you’re at it rather than just lie there till the masseuse finishes. A sensual body-to-body massage means the masseuse massaging you with his or her entire body, not just the hands. This gives you that sensual feeling while at the same time releasing all your stress and tension. By the time your massage session is done, you will not remember the stress and tension you were feeling before. It makes your fantasies a reality. Ever fantasized of having a hot sexy masseuse massaging you? Well, if you ever have, here is your chance to make it a reality. When you go for a B2B massage, you will be able to live your dream.

The Ultimate relaxation

Most people hear body-to-body massage and they think it is just a way to extort money from people. What they do not know is that this type of massage has been proven by professionals to be one of the best methods of massage. Just like any other style of massage, research has been done to see just how it affects the body and how it benefits the person being massaged and guess what? It was found to be more beneficial than any other type of massage. For this reason, all masseuses who perform body-to-body massage have to go to school and be certified.

Get a body-to-body massage in Wan Chai or Tsim Sha Tsui

B2B massage will make you feel relieved and better in no time. However, it is important to be careful with the places you go for your B2B massage. It is said that body massage can easily transfer diseases from one person to another. However, most parlor owners argue that their workers are tested and clean. Nevertheless, it does not hurt to be careful. Browse reputable parlors in Tsim Sha Tsui, Wan Chai, and other convenient locations throughout Hong Kong which offer this service in our online listings.