A Tantric Body to Body Massage with a Twist

His wife hadn’t been around for the past couple of weeks and he had this insatiable craving for the touch of a woman.  A body to body massage with a happy ending didn’t seem like such a bad idea, Mike thought to himself. It didn’t take long before he got to the parlor which was a few blocks from where his apartment was.

After a few minutes waiting in the massage room, his masseuse walked in. She was just as he had envisioned her if not more. Her soft breasts swayed from side to side as she walked towards him with a bottle of massage oil in hand. You could see her dark nipples showing through the scarf that barely covered her chest. With a radiant and sensual smile, she asked him to turn around and lie on his stomach.

He quickly rolled over and she straddled him sitting down on his lower back. Mike could feel the soft texture of her inner thighs on the sides of his legs and her round butt against his thighs. She poured some warm oil into her hands and started to rub him down. He felt relaxed, and with his eyes closed surrendered himself to her enchanting touch.

With her soft silky hands, she kneaded him deeply between the shoulder blades which made him let out a soft moan. She was now alternating between his back and shoulders like a real professional. Suddenly she stopped. Momentarily freeing Mike from the daze she had induced. She now sat on his thighs as she poured more massage oil in her hands. Mike was enjoying every stroke she was making and it felt refresing to finally get some raw pleasure.

After what seemed like an eternity, she stretched out herself on top of him dumping her whole body weight on his oily body. He could feel her large soft breasts pressing hard against his back. This excited his loins even more. The soft valley between her thighs mounding on his back vigorously. They stayed in this position for a while revelling in the mind-blowing sensation of their naked bodies close to each other.

The tingling sensation between his legs was getting more insistent. He was getting aroused by the anticipation of what was about to happen next. “Turn around”, she whispered into his ear as she Lifted herself off him. There was no objection from him and rolled over. She now had unrestricted access to his throbbing member stroking away ever so lovingly.