An Outcall Massage at the Hands of a World-Class Masseuse

I was undoing my clothes when she strolled in dressed in lacy clothing so vibrantly patterned it quite overshadowed her lovely face. I was in Hong Kong for a week-long business trip and had decided to cool down by booking a massage appointment at the parlor near my hotel.  I eased myself onto the table after a few pleasantries with the masseuse. As I lay down, I was just in time to get a glimpse of her shaking her curvy butt a bit longer than she had to. She was a marvel to look at. Standing about 5’3” tall. She had shoulder-length blonde hair with highlights that matched her skin tone. She had pouty full lips, green contacts, and an ass that could put to shame all my past lovers.

She found a few knots in my shoulders rather quickly. Increasing the pressure of her squeeze every few strokes. “That feels amazing” I exclaimed in a breathless tone. As she worked on my right shoulder with one hand, her other hand was rubbing up and down my back. Gently at first and gradually working up a firm press. Occasionally, I’d grab her round ass and give it a nice squeeze. She said it felt good and I didn’t intend on stopping.

I was now looking up at her. My eyes fixated on her dangling breasts above me as she worked on my chest and arms. She smiled flirtatiously but her eye contact told me she was still a bit shy. In an intentional show of eroticism, her grip reached out between my thighs. Her touch was a divine new experience. She handled it in a manner that suggested she wanted to feel it more or coax it to the ultimate level of arousal. Her soft sensual giggles now sounded so distant as my breathing got heavier.

She jolted away from me to get a clean towel from the other side of the room. I could see her perfect form under the dim lighting. Her soft and supple skin was slightly shimmering from all the scented oil she had used on me. Completely infused by lust for this girl, I wanted her to breathe life into all my bodily desires at that very moment. Judging from her skillful techniques, I could tell she was consumed by the idea of making this an experience neither of us would ever forget.

“Right there,” I exclaimed directing her soft hands to the right spot that was sending shivers down my spine. It was all I could do to prevent myself from ripping her flowery panties off.